For Michelle Harris, the host and co-creator of the television program Alive & Well, the show was the perfect combination of her career in television and her love of helping people and the planet.

Growing up, Michelle was "green" at an early age. Through most of her school years, Michelle was a self-described bookworm. She enjoyed studying and researching and showed a knack for social consciousness. When she was just 14 years old, Michelle saw a TV news segment about conditions at nearby meat processing "factory farms" and slaughterhouses and she decided to go vegetarian on the spot and has lived meat-free ever since. Says Michelle "I was always a real animal lover and seeing that news report was the first time I really thought about what I was eating. Although I was very young, I felt in my gut that going veg was the right thing to do. I felt it would help save animals, help the environment and be a healthier way of life." Michelle's new found vegetarianism and social consciousness didn't quite register with most of her classmates. Michelle says laughingly "I went from geek and bookworm to geek, bookworm and vegetarian. Not the most popular clique around."

In her college years Michelle realized that she wanted to work as an entertainer, but her love of animals, the environment and a commitment to a maintaining a healthy lifestyle was still a big part of her personal life.

It was during her college years Michelle began acting and working in television. After working on a wide variety of television programs, Michelle and her husband Mark, a former music industry executive, decided to form their own production company and Alive & Well was born.

For the first time Michelle would be able to combine her television career and her love for conscientious, compassionate and sustainable living with a TV show that would provide information and inspiration in an entertaining format. Says Michelle "It wasn't just about being on TV, it's about helping people and enhancing their quality of life and helping to change the World."

Alive & Well ® with Michelle Harris now airs every day on ION Life TV Network. The show is still produced by their own production company and is licensed and distributed in over 100 top TV viewing markets nationwide. They currently have several other television shows in development.

The activist side of Michelle never went away and in fact only became stronger. Michelle is continually involved with animal causes, political and women's issues and environmental causes. Even with her busy schedule with Alive & Well® (she is still co-producer and head writer as well as the host) she still makes time to promote, volunteer and serve on the boards of charity organizations that support issues she believes in.

Michelle is the real deal. She lives the lifestyle she so naturally promotes on TV and is poised to become the face of the modern organic lifestyle movement.

Michelle says "Anytime you can combine your personal passions with your work it's very fulfilling. Stick to what you believe in and work hard and your dreams will come true."